There are some people who are quite happy with three square meals, as long as they are edible. They buy a cookbook, try something on there and pat themselves on the back when they’ve done a good job putting out a decent meal. If that sounds like you, I envy you.

I’m rarely ever happy with my meals.

So depressing is my plight, that I would fly to Manila for some roasted pork, Paris just to have a croissant, Spain for some jamon iberico. When I can’t travel, I try to recreate those things by digging out recipes of the masters, and when that fails, I try to be friends with them so I get the chance to hopefully eat what they make someday.

When I dine out or make something from a recipe book, I am unhappy 70% of the time. Too salty, too sweet, missing five spice, needs more garlic, needs to be cured, no wok breath, you name it. I’ve said all of those and more.

So annoying were some of those meals, that in 2010, I started a restaurant review blog, to share with my friends places to eat in my hometown of Kota Kinabalu. The website has a good local following, and I was even appointed officially to be a ghost critic and judge for the tourism board one year.

There was only one problem. Restaurants aren’t always reliable. Chefs move, businesses close down and most bring their best dishes down to the grave with them. Moreover, just a review site on one city doesn’t suffice to express just how my deep my obsession with great food really is.

I am on a mission to create and preserve the best food experience in the world. Therefore, I’ll create, adapt, and curate everything worthy of mention and share this with you.

Bon appetit!