by Jackie Miao

Often times I get asked what equipment I use for the magic that happens in my kitchen. Which is why I created this page to point you to the products I love using.*

Nonstick Cookware (Made in Korea)

Have you been there? You get a nonstick pan, use it for a while and watch the lamination disintegrate into the rough and sticky pan that you cannot decide to keep or throw.

Several years ago, I received a Korean diamond-coating wok as a gift. I LOVED IT SO MUCH, it was my daily go to for everything I cooked. However, my provincial helper (who didn’t understand nonstick technology) scrubbed the coating off using steel wool thinking that the pan was dirty because it was black. I was so in love with that pan she thrashed, and it broke my heart when she killed it. I didn’t buy another Korean diamond-coated wok again until Fall 2017, which is when I officially fell in love with the Happycall.


  • Healthier Cooking – PFOA-free, oil-free nonstick cooking.
  • Versatile – Use for stirfry, braising, boiling, steaming, frying, poaching.
  • Light and Fast – For whipping up quick meals and easy cleaning.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in Korea.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.

P.s.: These PFOA-free pans can fry an egg without oil and don’t stick. I’m so impressed! If you were going to get one pan, get the 11.8″ wok. It is the most versatile, and the deeper sides prevents food from sliding out of the pan during your stirfry sessions! If you buy it, please let me know!

* Disclosure:- I'm a proud Seattle-ite, Amazon superfan, and happy prime customer. I am also always asked for recommendations, so I signed up for their affiliate program. As an Amazon Affiliate, I am rewarded for sharing amazing products that I use on my blogs. What that means is, when you click on an Amazon product link on my website and go through with a purchase on their website, Amazon pays a referral fee to me for qualifying items from their own pocket, at no extra cost to you. So far, I've made the equivalent of lunch for one this year. However, I am eager to learn about the potential of this income stream, and if you found value in anything I have shared in the past 2 years, please consider supporting me when purchasing anything via Amazon. Just come to my website, click on any Amazon link, and then go ahead and buy the products that you were going to buy anyway. I appreciate your support. Thanks, and if you end up getting something and have questions, feel free to shoot me an email and let me know. :)

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