8″ Nonstick Pan

by Jackie Miao

Looking for a great egg frying pan?

You’ve come to the right page. As a daily home-cook and nonstick heavy user, I have tried many different nonstick pan products and thrown many out due to surface deterioration. T-fal, Tefal, Teflon, you name it. I’ve tried them all and they’ve all failed my 2 year test.

Stop wasting your hard earned money on pans that don’t perform.

If like me, you are sick of having to throw another nonstick pan out, you’re going to love this little pan. The best nonstick products I’ve used come from Korea, and they are Diamond-coated. I use the wok with the same coating from Happycall. I love it because it is frankly one of the best nonstick pans I’ve ever owned, and it is PFOA-free.

It is:-

  • DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & NO HOT SPOTS – Quarter-inch thick, 2500-ton forged aluminum construction.
  • PFOA-free NONSTICK – 5-layer Diamond Nonstick Coating.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE, EASY CLEANING – Eco-friendly, Anti-Scratch, Easy Cleaning Porcelain Exterior.
  • Works on all cooktops except induction

I have recommended these pans to my friends, who have been so happy they’ve begun collecting different sizes of these pots and pans.

You can get them here:-

Happycall 5 Layer Diamond Nonstick Frying Pan 7.9 inch, PFOA-Free, Skillet, Frypan, Dark Brown

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