Thank You for 1 Million Hearts!!!

Thank You for 1 Million Hearts!!!



Ohmygosh, you guys. How you can tap over 1 million times to show your love goes to show just why it is worth every minute I am on Periscope with you. I am honored, but most of all grateful for all the friends I have made on Periscope!

Since you guys are beyond AWESOME, I want to say thank you by sharing some deliciousness with you. I’m giving away 2 packets of msg-free, gourmet instant Primataste Singapore Laksa La Mian noodles + I’ll throw in these Korean chopsticks in there so you can eat noodles like a rockstar.


Since I only have one giveaway to send to the winner, I want to give everyone a chance and make it fair. The giveaway contest will run from today onwards, and the winner will be picked and announced this weekend.

Here’s what you need to do:-

Step 1: Follow Periscope Account @DiningHappy

Step 2: Follow Twitter Account @DiningHappy

Step 3: Like my Facebook Page

Step 4: Enter to win the giveaway below. (Don’t worry, I won’t ever share this with third party vendors.)

I will then, select a winner randomly on Periscope this weekend.

Enter to win giveaway!

* indicates required


Contest is available only to U.S. residents, ages 18 and above. From time to time, Jackie may choose to share developments that she thinks may be of value to her #dininghappy friends. The giveaway has shellfish, coconut milk, and asian herbs and spices, so if you are allergic to shellfish, dairy, or aren’t particularly adventurous, let those who can enjoy it, enjoy it. As with all giveaways, I shall not be held liable for anything extraordinary that arises out of your consumption of it. Eat at your own risk!

GOOD LUCK and remember to join my Facebook page for more delicious recipes!

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